Worsening mental health crisis pressures psychologist workforce


美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会's 2021 survey of psychologists reveals how the prolonged pandemic has continued to impact mental health treatment and demand, with survey findings highlighting the worsening mental health crisis across the population and demonstrating the pressures on the psychologist workforce.

In 2020, 疫情爆发几个月后, 美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会 conducted a survey to better understand how COVID-19 impacted mental health treatment and the work of practicing psychologists. 在2021年的后续调查中, many psychologists reported increases in demand for treatment of anxiety and depression. 另外, 许多威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978家报告说工作量增加了, 再候补名单, 对新病人的容量也很低.

Most psychologists continued to see at least some patients remotely, 而更大比例的人使用混合模型, 亲自治疗病人,远程治疗病人. Despite an increased number of psychologists reporting that they were able to maintain positive work-life balance and practice self-care compared with 2020, reports of burnout and the inability to meet patient demand have also increased in the same time frame.

Demand for anxiety, depression, and trauma-related treatment continues to rise

More psychologists reported increased demand across all treatment areas prior to the pandemic, 增加的需求也大幅增加 自去年以来.* Psychologists reported the greatest increases in treating anxiety disorders (84%, 高于74%), 抑郁症(72%, 高于60%), 与创伤和压力相关的疾病(62%), 高于50%). Other diagnoses with large increases included sleep-wake disorders, 强迫症及相关障碍, 还有物质相关和成瘾障碍.

*的 2020 data references 美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会’s 2020 COVID-19 Telehealth Practitioner Survey, which 从2020年8月28日到10月5日.

Changes in demand by treatment area since the coronavirus pandemic started


威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978病人的人口统计群体, psychologists reported the greatest increase in demand among White, 亚洲, 和多种族的人群, 在成年人(18-64岁)中, 青少年(13 - 17), 老年人(64-79岁). 在大多数病人群体中, 更多The psychologists reported treating 更多The patients than in 2020 and fewer reported decreases, 表明整体需求上升.


的 majority of psychologists continued to provide at least some services remotely (96%). While few returned to seeing patients entirely in person since the 2020 survey (about 4%  versus 3% in 2020), a greater number of psychologists adopted a hybrid approach of seeing some patients in person and some remotely (50% versus 33% in 2020), 这显示了你回到办公室的缓慢进程.

Fewer psychologists reported that their patients experienced challenges accessing telehealth than in 2020 (21% said none of their patients experienced telehealth challenges in 2021, 相比之下,2020年为16%). 对于那些确实经历过挑战的人来说, the top three most common challenges continued to be barriers to internet access or connectivity (55%), 一般技术难点(51%), and difficulties finding a private place from which to connect (50%). 尽管有这些挑战, 96% of psychologists agreed or strongly agreed that the use of telehealth during the pandemic has proven its worth as a therapeutic tool, and 93% agreed or strongly agreed that they intend to continue providing telehealth as an option in their practice after the pandemic.


鉴于对心理健康服务的需求增加, it is no surprise that psychologists also reported increased workloads, 再候补名单, 接收新病人的能力也很低. 在病人的总人数上, 43%的威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978家报告了这种增长, 而只有29%的人在2020年持同样的观点. 的 percent of psychologists who reported getting 更多The referrals increased dramatically in the last year (from 37% in 2020 to 62% in 2021), and almost seven in 10 psychologists (68%) with a waitlist reported that it had grown since the start of the pandemic.

Changes in workload and workforce capacity since the start of the pandemic


With these indicators suggesting many psychologists are working at or beyond capacity; 41% reported being unable to meet demand for treatment (up from 30% in 2020), and 46% reported feeling burned out (up from 41% in 2020). Over half of the responding psychologists (56%) reported turning to peers for consultation and support with burnout.

While a larger percentage of responding psychologists also reported that they were able to maintain a positive work-life balance (77%, 和自我照顾(64%), 高于55%), these measures point to the importance of promoting psychologists’ well-being as well as the need for prevention and treatment of mental health issues associated with the pandemic both in the population and the psychologist workforce.





Results were from the 2021 American Psychological Association’s COVID-19 Practitioner Survey. 这项调查分发给大约26人,400 doctoral-level active licensed psychologists in the United States during August 30-September 17, 2021. A total of 1,141 psychologists responded to the survey, yielding a response rate of 4.3%.  

2020年COVID-19从业人员调查 从2020年8月28日到10月5日. A total of 1,787 psychologists responded to that survey. 与2020年数据的所有比较都参考了这项调查.