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Center for Workforce Studies. (2015, January). How much has the number of advanced degrees in psychology increased in the past decade? Monitor on Psychology, 46(1). http://www.美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会.org/monitor/2015/01/datapoint

Today's psychology graduates provide a good window on the psychology workforce of tomorrow. The following figure presents data1 on the number of U.S. graduates who were awarded master's or doctoral2 degrees in psychology over the last decade.

Number of psychology master's and doctoral degrees awarded by year

While master's-level graduates perform different functions from doctoral-prepared psychologists, information on the number of both doctoral and master's psychology graduates is of interest in understanding pipeline and workforce trends. Key points include:

  • The number of psychology doctorates awarded in the United States grew from 4,933 in 2004 to 6,496 in 2013, a 32 percent increase.
  • The number of psychology master's degrees awarded in the United States grew from 18,457 in 2004 to 28,462 in 2013, an 54 percent increase.

Future "Datapoints" will show the changes in the number of degrees awarded over time, broken down by institution type, 性别, race/ethnicity and geographic distribution.

— Mariquita Mullan, PhD, Karen Stamm, PhD, Peggy Christidis, PhD, and Andrew Nigrinis, PhD

For 更多的 information, contact 美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会's Center for Workforce Studies.

1. Data are from the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). (2004–13). Completions Surveys. [Data files and dictionaries]. Retrieved from

2. IPEDS doctoral degree categories were used to identify types of doctoral degrees. Definitions can be found in the IPEDS glossary.

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