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Tandem致力于协作学习过程,并利用每个社区成员的先天优势来扩大学生的视野. By valuing personal responsibility and mutual respect, 我们支持学生成为鼓舞人心的领导者,并在不断变化的世界中茁壮成长. 

在这里, 在卡特山脚下美丽的校园里,学生和老师每天都在一起学习. Our students are encouraged to see the best in themselves and others, 因为他们追随自己的激情和兴趣,探索新的成长和学习途径.

Creating a place where this type of learning can occur is no small feat, and we need the support of our entire community to make it happen. 就像Tandem将永远存在于通过我们大门的学生和家庭的心中一样, we need your support to shape the future of our school. 我们希望您将威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978予支持的惊人努力,是串联的经验. 
The 串联之友基金 supports all areas of a Tandem education.

The heart of Tandem has always been the people: teachers who support and inspire, friendships with classmates that last a lifetime, 和教练, 董事, and advisors who prepare our students for a world that needs them.

When you think about Tandem, you immediately think of our teachers. Our faculty shape the experiences and futures of every student that they teach. 为了吸引和留住这些专业人才,学校必须能够提供有竞争力的薪酬和福利,并提供有价值的职业发展机会. 

We seek students who will thrive in our unique educational environment, who will explore our school program to its fullest, and who will make a difference in the world when they graduate. To maintain a student body that represents a wide range of backgrounds, 文化, 各行各业, and financial circumstances, Tandem Friends每年为有需要的家庭提供经济援助. During this time of economic uncertainty, our ability to provide financial aid is more important than ever. 

The Tandem experience goes beyond textbooks and classroom instruction; we continue our focus on the “whole child” approach to adolescent education. Tandem Friends offers numerous opportunities for students to explore the arts, vns威尼斯vns9080, 阀杆, social justice initiatives and leadership.  

Student and Community Life
Whether on the field or on the stage, in the Student Senate or in the Makerspace, Tandem学生可以从丰富的机会中选择发展他们的兴趣, hone their skills and become leaders in any endeavor. Our students organize our Mother’s Day 音乐 Festival, participate in Model UN and Science Olympiad, 在戏剧中让人眼花缭乱, concerts and art shows. Tandem关心每一个学生的整个经历,并通过我们的学习资源中心和我们的学校辅导员团队提供专业的资源.  

Nancy Hiles Johnson Fund for Student Experiences
南希·希尔斯·约翰逊学生体验基金支持Tandem Friends的体验式教育项目, including programs such as grade-level trips, 校外课堂学习机会和学生参与批准的会议和项目.  While trips are on hold during the pandemic, 体验式学习仍在继续,提供虚拟机会,并为旅行恢复时建立基金.  Learn more about this fund.

Gordon Fields Fund for 多样性, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives
Working to build and maintain a diverse, 公平的, 包容的社区是Tandem历史的重要组成部分,也是我们今天的基本要素. Doing this well requires focused, 故意的努力, connections with organizations, and the investment of significant time and resources. 确保正在进行的, 为全体教职员工和一致的学生规划提供优秀的专业发展仍然是我们的最高优先事项之一. The Gordon Fields Fund for 多样性, 公平和包容倡议表彰戈登对vns威尼斯vns9080的学生和校友的影响,并支持DEI领域的项目费用. Learn more about this fund.

Our beautiful 31-acre campus is another of our distinguishing characteristics. 拥有成熟树木的毕业草坪和宽敞的四方庭院威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978Tandem Friends带来了一种小型大学校园的感觉. Our setting remains tranquil despite the constant buzz of activity. 

Buildings and Grounds
Our wonderful maintenance staff is constantly mowing, 覆盖, 删除叶子, planting flowers and tending to trees and shrubs. They also maintain over 57,000 square feet of indoor space plus fields, 冥想花园, 还有自然小径. Our Main Building is approaching 200 years old and requires careful tending. Whether it is trimming hedges, 绘画教室, checking the boiler or repairing door handles, there is always something to do to keep our physical spaces safe and beautiful.  
技术 and 图书馆
Tandem Friends在技术方面进行了大量投资,以支持我们的学术课程的交付. 确保5-9年级的每个学生每年都能收到一本Chromebook,这对远程学习的可行性至关重要. In addition to over 7,000个印刷标题, our library provides a wide variety of databases and digital resources. Through these resources, Tandem students have access to thousands of newspapers, 杂志, 主要来源, multimedia and scholarly journals.  

"Tandem isn't just a school...it's a feeling, it's an emotion,
——Lauren (TFS '20)
You can now deduct your gift to Tandem, even if you take the standard deduction. 《威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978》(CARES Act)允许每个纳税人最多获得300美元(一对已婚夫妇最多600美元)的慈善捐赠线上扣除,该法案已延长至2021年12月. This means that you can lower your income tax bill by giving to Tandem today, even if you don’t itemize your taxes.  If you do itemize your taxes, 允许您扣除全部调整后总收入(AGI)的条款也延长至2021年12月. As always, we recommend discussing your specific situation with your tax advisor.