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Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Entering Our Next 50 Years:

Preparing Our Students—
for a World That Needs Them

Learning / Relationships / Resources

What we are striving to build is a school where children truly learn -
~ Founders John Howard & Duncan Alling
(from the original prospectus of the Tandem School)

For Tandem, finding the Friends has been like finding a home. It seems familiar and comforting and it has brought
a focus to our work and to the life of the School.
~ Former Head of School, Rosalyn Berne

A happy and excited child learns far faster than a bored child.
~ from Tandem's first admissions materials

There, 我们感谢Tandem之友学校社区成员在战略规划过程中的帮助, presented the high-level priorities in our new strategic plan, 并且提供了一些你们将在学校看到的从计划到实施的例子.

Highlights of our Strategic Priorities


“The essence of a good country song is three chords...and the truth.”
~ Harlan Howard (Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, Country Music Hall of Fame)
Strategic Plan 2019-2024 - click link to download or read online below.  

* Background: History & Process pages 4-5
* Learning: Educational Program, Spiritual Life/Quakerism pages 6-8
* Relationships: Community, “Telling Our Story” pages 8-9
* Resources: Facilities, Fundraising, Finance pages 9-10

Note: School leadership is responsible for implementing the strategic plan, over the next five years, with the flexibility to make adjustments on an ongoing basis, in consultation with the Board of Trustees.

Full Strategic Plan

The Planning Process

In the Fall of 2017, 校董会(连同校长)批准启动策略性规划程序, to be completed in two phases:

Phase One, 在2017-18学年专注于Tandem Friends学校的教育项目.

Phase Two, during the 2018–19 school year, focused on the other strategic priority areas of spiritual life/Quakerism, community (supporting school constituencies), “telling our story” (to prospective, current, and alum community members), buildings and grounds, strategic financial planning, and fundraising.

We worked hard to engage our whole community in this process. 我们特别要感谢在我们的七个工作组之一工作的社区成员. We understand that everyone has many demands on their limited time, 并感谢那些感到被呼召以这种方式服务的人的意愿,将串联之友学校列为他们发挥精力和才能的地方之一.

We are excited to share the results of all of this strategic thinking with you, as we enter Tandem Friends School’s next 50 years.

  • In the Fall of 2017, 我们为社区成员创建了一个网页,以查找战略规划过程的最新信息, work, and opportunities to participate.
  • We posted a Strategic Planning questionnaire to begin soliciting fresh input.
  • 整个串联之友学校社区被邀请参加两个社区会议之一(2018年1月), facilitated by Drew Smith (Executive Director, Friends Council on Education); roughly 100 community members participated.
  • 战略规划指导委员会审查和分析了这些社区会议的成果, as well as feedback from the questionnaire, information gathered for the 2016 draft plan, historical school documents, the current mission statement, work of the Curriculum Planning Committee (including pedagogical belief statements), and other relevant materials.
  • 指导委员会创建了一个共享访问文件文件,供各工作组参考, and add to, as needed.
  • 我们召集了两个工作组来探讨我们教育计划的各个方面:学生作为学习者和学生作为全人, and propose recommended action items.
  • 高年级学生参加了一个由外部专家主持的名为“解构学校”(Deconstructing School)的研讨会,该研讨会引导学生对现代学校教育进行批判性审视,并威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978他们空间,想象他们在学校的日常经历可能是什么样子. 这些学生的观点被用来为教育计划的愿景和建议提供信息.
  • In the summer of 2018, for Phase Two, we retained a professional consultant, Ginny Christensen, of Strategy for Growth, LLC. (In her consultancy, Ginny provides strategic planning, board development, executive coaching, and leadership team development for independent schools and nonprofits. 她是独立学校战略决策指导方面的权威专家, with a particular focus on Quaker schools. Ginny has served as a head of school, administrator, teacher, and trustee, and has published and presented on issues of board development, strategic planning, professional development for teachers, curriculum design, and personal and institutional growth.)
  • In October and November of 2018, Ginny conducted an opening session for Phase Two for all community members, 以及与董事会和教职员工单独举行的专门会议.
  • Ginny completed an abbreviated market review, as an update to the comprehensive work done several years ago by Ian Symmonds & Associates. (Ginny’s core summary was provided to the working groups, 每个小组将被要求提供一个推荐表格的示例.)
  • 指导委员会邀请个别社区成员加入于2018年11月开始工作的特定主题工作组,并举行了启动活动, and continued through the winter. 每个工作组都包括一系列的支持者,以及所研究领域的专家. Each group was provided with focusing questions prepared by the Steering Committee.
  • In February 2019, the educational program working groups were reconvened for two meetings, 因此,所有七个工作组的建议将以类似的格式提交.
  • At the end of February, all seven working groups submitted their recommendations to the Steering Committee.
  • The Steering Committee compiled the recommendations, and worked with the Finance working group on financial scenarios.
  • The Board first approved the plan “in spirit,” and then, at a retreat for this purpose, approved the plan in the context of financial scenarios (Spring 2019).
  • The plan, approved by the Board, 在专业发展日(2019年春季)上呈现威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978所有教职员工.
  • School leadership began work on a detailed implementation plan, which will be used as a management document internally by staff.
  • The Steering Committee created a public plan document, 以及一份简短的(印刷版)小册子,强调战略重点,以便与更广泛的社区分享.