Join us in championing equity, 多样性, and inclusion by sharing it as a resource. The CABE教学资源奖 serves to encourage the development and dissemination of teaching resource materials in order to enhance the teaching of undergraduate psychology. 


赞助商: 美国教育理事会 ; Committee on Associate and Baccalaureate 教育 (CABE)


Have a teaching activity that promotes equity, 多样性, and inclusion? Join us in championing equity, 多样性, and inclusion by sharing it as a resource. The CABE教学资源奖 serves to encourage the development and dissemination of teaching resource materials (in such places as 美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会项目评估 而在 威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978教师网络 通讯) in order to enhance the teaching of undergraduate psychology. Consistent with the American Psychological Association’s Strategic Plan to elevate the public’s understanding of, 对, and use of psychology and in support of one of its Guiding Principles to champion 多样性 and inclusion, CABE is particularly interested in receiving teaching resources that respond to one of the following prompts:

  • 你是如何解决公平问题的, 多样性, and inclusion in teaching psychology at the undergraduate level? 
  • 你是如何解决公平问题的, 多样性, and inclusion in introductory psychology?
  • 你是如何解决公平问题的, 多样性, and inclusion in undergraduate research? 

Up to two awards of $250 each will be presented to recognize submissions that advance quality in the teaching of psychology at the undergraduate level. 提交的材料可以描述教学资源, 方法, 方法, or assessment tools that are either empirical or experiential. Applicants are invited to submit multiple activities. However, an applicant may only receive one monetary award. 另外, submitted resources that have substantial merit, 但这并没有赢得奖金, can earn an honorable mention and may be disseminated by CABE, 作者署名.



  • psychology teachers who are 美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会 community college teacher affiliates
  • 美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会 members whose primary teaching responsibility is at the undergraduate level
  • graduate student affiliate members of 美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会 who teach undergraduate level psychology courses

Faculty members interested in joining 美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会 can obtain 更多的信息网络 or by contacting 玛莎Boenau at (800) 374-2721, ext. 6140.


All proposals must be submitted electronically by 11月1日 to 玛莎Boenau. Proposals will be reviewed by CABE members and scored on a rubric based on the following values: Pedagogical value, 创意, 概括性和遵循指导方针. 决定将由 12月1日. 每项奖金将包括250美元的奖金.


The description of teaching resources should be approximately three to five typed pages, 双倍行距, 包括以下组成部分:

  • applicant information and summary of resource: 有申请人姓名的一页, 联系, 联系信息, and a summary (200 words) of the teaching activity.

  • 资源描述:简短的描述(一至三页), 双倍行距) of the teaching resource and how it can be implemented. The following rubric can provide further guidance for writing your description. Worksheets or other artifacts can be included as appendices if it helps to describe the resource.

  • 联系电话: a description (one-page, 双倍行距) of how this teaching resource relates to prompts.

决定将由 12月1日. Each of the two $250 awards from 美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会 will be payable to the member who submits the teaching resource.




  • describe a teaching method or assessment consistent with the current call

  • contribute to a specific learning outcome identified in the 美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会 的指导方针 for the Undergraduate Psychology Major: Version 2.0

  • reflect undergraduate level content or skills

  • 表示一种容易复制的方法.g., Does it require an abundance of resources or special equipment?)



  • a novel way of presenting and assessing a concept (most preferred)

  • an expansion of prior teaching resources, or extension of prior work



  • replicable in classrooms at various types of institutions (research-intensive universities, 小的文科, vns威尼斯vns9080学院)

  • replicable over various formats (traditional classroom, 混合动力, 在线, 非常大的类, dual-credit)



  • 遵循美国威尼斯城所有登入网址vns85978协会格式

  • 包括应用程序的所有组件

  • use scholarly language and communicate information regarding the teaching resource well


Students’ self-assessment of participation resource
妮可·阿列亚Albada, 博士学位, Department of Psychological and Brain 科学s, 加州大学, 圣芭芭拉分校

Psychology-related careers infographic assignment
Ashley Waggoner Denton, 博士学位, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto

An adaptive and student-centered teaching framework for Neuroscience courses based on real-life relevance
Zane Zheng, 博士学位, Psychology Program, Lasell University


Linking Biopsychology to “The Real World” in an Online Course
Jennifer Brielmaier, 博士学位, George Mason University

Pedagogical Methods in Teaching R Programming and Assessing Students’ Learning Progress
Manyu Li, 博士学位, University of Louisiana at Lafayette


Submissions for teaching Research Methods in Psychology and Psychological Effects of the Internet
Morton Ann Gernsbacher, 博士学位, Vilas Research Professor, and Sir Frederic C. Bartlett Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Understanding and Developing a Rationale and Hypotheses for an Experiment (PDF, 147KB) 
凡妮莎森林, 博士学位, Department of Psychological and Brain 科学s, 加州大学, 圣芭芭拉分校